Front Drive System

Front Drive System


The the Front Drive System is simple, lightweight, and surprisingly powerful. The 4.5 lb motor packs a punch: it provides up to 500 watts of assist, equivalent to the average output of a pro cyclist!

Available in any wheel size, front wheel drive only. Disc-brake compatible.

The Front Drive System comes with a twist or thumb throttle, an LCD display that shows battery charge, pedal assist power level, and current speed, and a pedal-assist sensor.

The Front Drive System is also compatible with the Cycle Analyst, an incredible product made by Grin Tech that displays all the information you’d want on your ebike – the total amp-hours used, total miles traveled, current speed, and more, plus the ability to implement new control schemes like cruise control, torque sensing, etc.

Base price for LionTail’s Front Drive System w/ LCD: $450 (includes spokes and wheel build, +9.5% Seattle sales tax)

See “Ebike Batteries” for the selection of batteries to pair with this system.