Bike Service & Repair

Bike Service and Repair

Service Entails… Cost Est. parts
Performance & Safety Tune Brakes adjusted, brake pads replaced if needed
Derailleurs adjusted if needed
Hubs, headset, and bottom bracket adjusted
Wheels trued
All moving parts lubricated
$45 $15
Complete Tune Everything from “Performance & Safety Tune”
Rear cassette, crankset, derailleurs, and chain removed, cleaned, lubricated, and reinstalled
Shift and brake cables/housing replaced if needed, lubricated if not
$90 $35
Complete Overhaul Bike completely disassembled
Wheels trued and tensioned
Bottom bracket, headset, and both hubs overhauled
Overly worn parts replaced (bearings, brake pads, housing, etc)
All parts cleaned, lubricated, reinstalled and adjusted
$150 $50
Fender install Installing fenders, adjusting for secure fit and no rub $40/hr (usually $10) n/a
Rack Install Install front or rear rack, adjust for secure fit and no rub $10 n/a
Bottom bracket removal & replacement Replace a sealed cartridge unit with another sealed cartridge unit $15 $15
Bottom bracket overhaul Removing, disassembling, cleaning, regreasing, and reinstalling loose ball bearing BB $25 n/a
Miscellaneous For any work not otherwise mentioned above $40/hr n/a