Mobile Mechanic Service

Mobile Service


LionTail Cycles is proud to announce updated mobile mechanic services. Bring the bike shop to your workplace! A master mechanic and apprentice mechanic will arrive by bicycle, towing the essentials of a bicycle shop. In a single hour LionTail’s mobile service completes 4 basic tune-ups. By the end of a basic tune-up, most bikes are riding flawlessly, and ready to roll for the summer biking season!

Each basic tune-up includes:

• Tire inflation
• Wheel truing
• Brake adjustment
• Derailleur adjustments
• Chain wear checking
• Lubrication of all moving parts, including cables and housing
• Miscellaneous service depending on the need of the bike

Additionally, each basic tune up includes one of the following if needed:

• Brake pad replacement
• Tube replacement and flat fix
• Cable and housing replacement
• Chain replacement

This service costs $100/hour, and a minimum 2.5 hour reservation is required. Now taking reservations through June!