Mid/Bafang Drive System

Mid/Bafang System


The Bafang BBS is a mid-drive motor, which means that it drives the bicycle through the chain. Because the motor can utilize any of your rear gears, it never “bogs” down on steep uphill climbs, and it efficiently operates at high speeds too!

The motor is quiet and smooth, and activates either when you pedal (at a power setting that you can adjust on-the-fly) or when you activate the grip or thumb throttle. Additionally, we custom program the motor’s settings to meet your exact riding needs. An LCD shows your pedal assist level, speed, and more.

The motor replaces your crankset and bottom bracket, and only allows a single chainring in the front. It uses 170mm cranks, but custom cranks can be used for an additional fee.

The 350, 500, and 750 watt models are all available at the price listed below.

Base price for Bafang BBS System w/ LCD: $700 (+9.5% Seattle sales tax)

See the “Ebike Batteries” tab for all battery options to pair with this system.