Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

Bike Friday Haul-a-Day


This is the Haul-a-Day from Bike Friday, built with chromoly steel in Eugene, OR and crafted into an electric assist bike here in Seattle. The bike itself is very innovative – it’s lightweight, has a low step-over height, and keeps the cargo weight low for a balanced and easy-to-handle ride. But twin side bags, a rear rack capable of carrying 2 kids or one adult passenger, a stable double kickstand, strong frame material and design, and powerful Avid BB7 disc brakes make this a serious cargo bike.

The bike is paired with a high-quality electric assist customized to your needs. The basic build includes a front hub motor that gives a substantial boost and a 30+ mile range; additional upgrades are listed below. All electric assist systems use the highest quality ebike batteries available: the lockable Samsung frame battery, at either 440 or 600 watt-hours of capacity. This battery will last at least 2, and up to 5 years when properly cared for.

Price for front hub motor build: $2,395 (+9.5% Seattle sales tax)

Bike upgrades include:

  • Frame-mounted Front Basket ($120)
  • Whoopee-Deux Child Rail ($120)
  • Footrest Rails ($50)

Electric assist upgrades include:

  • Rear hub motor w/ twice the power ($100)
  • 600 watt-hour battery, 40+ mile range ($100)
  • Cycle Analyst V3 ebike computer ($200)