Madsen kg271

Madsen kg271

The Madsen is a phenomenal cargo bike – it has a 400+ lb weight capacity, a big bucket with bench seats and seat belts for up to 4 child passengers or 1-2 adult passengers, a kickstand with a nice wide stance, and a well-designed frame that fits folks 5′ to 6’6″ and gives the bike a smooth, stable ride. Read more about the bike at Madsen’s website.

I’ve now built up and electrified a few Madsen bucket bikes, including the now-famous “Pride” bike that you can check out here.

All of the electric assist systems that I offer – the front, mid, and rear drive systems – complement this bike well. And I’ll discount the electric assist system 10% if you purchase both through me.

As with all of my complete bikes, electric-assist installations, and XtraCycle conversions, I include a 3-month mobile service period with this bike. That means that I’ll come to you to fix the bike if anything goes wrong with it (mobile service limited to Seattle residents. Folks living outside the city’s limits will need to bring the bike to my workshop for service).

Price for a 2015 Madsen kg271: $1,875

Electric assist options fit for a bike of this size begin at $750!