Rear Drive System

Rear Drive System

Bafang CST

The rear drive system is LionTail’s most popular offering – we’re thinking about renaming it our “Pride”. This system is capable of outputting up to 1000 watts of power, which makes this a great system for anyone with a cargo bike, or who wants to be able to tackle any of Seattle’s hills. And because we use a geared hub motor with an efficient design, all of this power is packed into a 9 lb package.

The motor uses a cassette freehub body, so unlike most rear hub motors which use the outdated thread-on freewheel, you get to use the latest bicycle gear technology. This system can be powered with a 36 or 48V battery, although most folks find that 36V provides enough power for their needs. See the “Ebike Batteries” tab to the left for the batteries that can be paired with this system.

Available in any wheel size. The price listed below includes a professional wheel build into any spoke and rim combination, along with spokes. Rims cost extra – but you can reuse your old one!

The Rear Drive System is highly customizable. The base model comes with an LCD that shows pedal assist level, speed, and more. The Rear Drive System is also compatible with the Cycle Analyst, an incredible product made by Grin Tech that displays all the information you’d want on your ebike – the total amp-hours used, total miles traveled, current speed, and more, plus the ability to implement new control schemes like cruise control, torque sensing, etc.

Base price for Rear Drive System w/ LCD: $500 (+9.5% Seattle sales tax, includes spokes and wheelbuild)

See batteries for all battery options to pair with this system.