The LionTail Project

The LionTail Project

The LionTail Project is the working title that describes the next stage of LionTail Cycles. The aim of LionTail Cycles has always been to support people to get around by bicycle. But as a one-off, custom retrofit service our ability to do that has been limited. With the LionTail Project, we hope to extend the reach of this operation!

The mission of the LionTail Project is to help transition towards a more harmonious way of life. Towards this end, the LionTail Project will educate, equip, and support all people who are interested in getting around with electrically assisted bicycles. Breaking that down…

Educate – The LionTail Project will disseminate information on electric assist systems for bicycles via all possible channels. Most importantly, the LionTail Project will offer classes on electric assist conversions, a community workspace with tools and guidance for people to work on electric bicycles (and regular bicycles too), and both written and video online resources.

Equip – The LionTail Project will serve as a channel for high-quality, affordable electric assist components. Additionally, the LionTail Project will provide customized electric assist conversions for people who don’t want to do an ebike conversion themselves.

Support – The LionTail Project will warranty all products that are sold under its name for a reasonable period (determined by the product itself), as well as servicing all electric bicycles in an attempt to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Other functions – The LionTail Project will also distribute regular bicycle components and accessories that support its mission. The LionTail Project will also offer bicycle service and maintenance in accordance with its mission andĀ operate on a sliding scale so that all can afford to engage in this movement.

Please email us if you are interested in collaborating towards these goals.

Thank you!