About LionTail

LionTail Cycles is a business founded on a dream: a dream where the streets of Seattle are filled with smiling people of all ages, races, and places riding bicycles; these streets are quiet and safe, the air is clean, and the people are healthy. In pursuit of this dream, founder Henry Kellogg provides personalized mobile bicycle service, with a specific focus on electric bike and cargo bike conversions. LionTail is a licensed Seattle business, is fully insured, and is a dealer for XtraCycle, Madsen Cycles, eZee, Clean Republic, and more.

About Henry

Henry Kellogg is a UBI-certified bike mechanic and unabashed lover of all things bicycle, especially electric- and cargo-bicycle. This love was seeded as a young child with his first 2-wheeled bike, sprouted when he decided to use a bike to get around as a teen, and blossomed on an 8-month solo bike adventure through the wilds of the Baja peninsula and mainland Pacific Mexico. More recently, he apprenticed for three months with EVFuture, an electric vehicle company in a small community in southern India. Inspired by these experiences, Henry founded LionTail Cycles in the fall of 2011. In the rare moments that he’s not working on a bike, or finishing up his tinyhouse, he’s finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at UW.