36V Frame-Mounted LiMn Pack

36V Frame-Mounted LiMn Pack


This battery pack is made with the highest quality Samsung cells available, it mounts to your frame which keeps the battery weight low and centered, it’s lockable, it’s easily removed, it’s warrantied for a full year… what more could you ask for?

These packs come in 10.25, 12.3, 16.8, and 19 amp-hour capacities. The range will vary based on terrain, rider + cargo weight, how much you pedal, wind, and other factors. However, a good (and generally conservative) estimate of range is about twice the amp-hour capacity of the pack – so the base 10.25 amp-hour pack would go about 20 miles.

This pack is compatible with all of the systems I sell except for the Hill Topper kits.

The battery comes with a 2.5amp charger. You simply divide the amp-hour capacity of the battery by the amp-charge rate of the charger to find out how long it takes to charge the battery from a complete discharge – so the 10.25amp-hour pack takes about 4 hours to charge, the 12.3 takes about 5 hours, etc.

The 10.25 amp-hour pack weighs 7.5 lbs, while the 12.3 and 16.8 amp-hour packs weigh 8.2 lbs.

You can expect to get a solid 2 years of use out of this pack when paired with the appropriate system (which all LionTail systems are!). After that 2 year point, capacity tends to be about 70-80% of the original capacity of the pack, and will continue to decline with continued use.

36V, 10.25 amp-hour Frame-Mounted Pack: $600
36V, 12.3 amp-hour Frame-Mounted Pack: $650
36V, 16.8 amp-hour Frame-Mounted Pack: $750
36V, 19 amp-hour Frame-Mounted Pack: $825
(Prices do not include 9.5% Seattle sales tax)